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Our Company is growing day by day and in order to enhance the quality of services the new vacancies are opening. Obviously, this is due to the hard work of our team members, who have joined us for a single mission, acting in accordance with our principles and doing their best for our company.

Before planning your future career and choosing any job We -IRIX Company would like to advise you to think for a while, identify your dream correctly and be sure of your choice. Because, the success is behind of right decision. Follow your interests and get a profession that will bring you a success. You can take a multitude of personality and profession tests to determine in which field you can be successful; it’s up to you to decide where your interests lie and what kind of job best suits you.

Whether you decided that the area where you want to see you is IT and if you want to be a member of our team then we ask you to get acquainted with our company’s mission and principles. After consideration, if you are sure that you want to help us fulfill our mission adhering to our principles, then you can apply to join our team.

The vacancies are opening regularly, and we are looking for employees who are willing to perform their duties diligently and quite well. Additionally if you have special insight or offer to us we are willing and looking forward to receive your opinions impatiently.

Hiring process.

After you submit your resume your information is entered into our database. This lets us easily access your information. Your resumes will remain active in our database for a long period. Whenever we have an open position, your information will be searched to see if it matches the job requirements. You might receive phone calls to check your desire for offered position. After that contact you should come to test your knowledge for applied position. Short listed candidates will be invited for an interview. After successful interview you’ll become the member of our team.

Regular vacancies:

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