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Target and Strategy

In order to achieve strategic objectives it is important to set out gradual and planned steps. Our strategy and goals serves to the development of the information technology sector in Azerbaijan.

The first step is to build a team with experts who will support you to find the right product and prepare a solution for different needs.Surely our team is increasing and becoming more professional relevant to your requirements and needs.Building the team members along with a desire to work with us for the sake of the mission we prefer specialists with high-skilled human qualities.

Without sufficient knowledge about the technologies that have already become an integral part of daily business may adversely affect the quality of work and lead to loss of time, encounter difficulties. We intend to organize practical training for users in order to increase the level of general technological knowledge and to teach them solve small problems independently. To increase the number of experienced specialists in information technology sector is one of the important factors. Today, majority of students want to become information technology specialists. But they lack the knowledge and experience of raising funds for the acquisition of the mother tongue in the face of conditions for insufficient.But there is insufficient condition to get experience and lack of materials in native language to increase the knowledge and in this field.

Our team is working on projects for preparation of materials to support the talented youth, to assist them to grow in this field. These projects will support the development of information technology sector in the country, and most importantly will help for growth of talented professionals. This will transform the country to manufacturer of Information technologies.

To realize all of these targets and to move toward success together with you gives enthusiasm and helps us really enjoy the work we do.

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